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We know that successfully starting and operating a business is no easy task. At Thompson Law, P.C. in New York, we seek to help smooth the process by providing business owners with effective legal guidance through every step of forming, running and dissolving or selling a business. If contractual or other problems arise, our attorney will protect your interests through negotiation and by use of all appropriate legal remedies. Since its founding in 2015, our law firm has been proud to represent the business interests of entrepreneurial clients in the five boroughs of New York City.

Dedicated Lawyer Provides Business Formation Guidance

When forming a new business, one of the biggest considerations is how it will be structured. The four main types of business ownership structures are:

  • Sole proprietorships

  • Partnerships

  • Limited liability companies

  • Corporations

Understanding which structure will be most beneficial for your situation depends on several factors, including the type of business, its financial situation and the number of owners the business will have. Along with determining how to structure your business, there are other things to take into account. For example, if your company will have more than one owner, a buy-sell agreement should be put in place to ensure ownership interests are upheld. A buy and sell agreement stipulates the terms that apply if one of the owners should die, retire, go bankrupt or simply want out of the business. Our knowledgeable attorney will examine your business plans and goals to recommend the most advantageous structure and advise you about other important steps to take in order to protect your business interests.

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Knowledgeable Legal Counselor Prepares and Reviews Contractual Agreements

Contractual disputes are one of the most common causes of business litigation. Whatever type of contract your business is entering into — whether with partners, suppliers, clients, employees, insurers or other parties — a dispute over its terms can greatly harm your business. Our experienced business lawyer will closely analyze your needs and objectives and make sure the contracts you enter will protect them. We also perform due diligence investigations as part of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic partnerships and other collaborations to spot potential problems.

Proficient Attorney Provides Financial Investment Advice

Financially investing in a business can be profitable, especially if you receive the proper guidance. When you are considering investing in company or other enterprise, we can advise you about the possible benefits, risks and legalities involved, as well as reviewing any applicable agreements and documents to ensure they are in your best interests before you sign them.     

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Since 2015, Thompson Law, P.C. has helped businesses in New York City and its surrounding boroughs thrive by providing well-thought-out legal counsel. To schedule a free consultation with our attorney, call our firm or contact us online.