Family Law Attorney in New York, New York

Legal cases involving family members require a different level of care and compassion. Trust the lawyers at Thompson Law P.C. to handle your case with the care it deserves. We work hard to reach an outcome that works in the best interests of everyone involved. We take a holistic view of the family and the needs of the children during, and after divorce, and have worked with Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists to refer our clients when the stress becomes too great.

Below are some areas of Family and Matrimonial Law that we can help you with.

  • Child custody

  • Child support

  • Divorce

  • Enforcement of court orders

  • Grandparents’ rights

  • Mediation

  • Property division

  • Family Law Cases

  • Property rights

  • Relocation of children

  • Visitation

  • Military divorce

  • Alimony

  • Cases of domestic violence

  • Durational alimony and modification

About Divorce:

Divorce is one of the most devastating and traumatic experiences for a family to go through. It takes knowledge, tenacity, sensitivity and emotional intelligence to manage the process correctly and to a satisfactory outcome.

Matrimonial (Divorce) and Family Law are two areas of law that are deceptively complex and known for requiring knowledge in a variety of areas, including property law, tax law, criminal law, constitutional law, military law and much more. Not managing the process well can ultimately delay resolution of the proceeding, costing each spouse tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees. That is why Thompson Law is dedicated to continually building its strengths in this complex and emotionally charged area of the law.

We are dedicated to keeping you informed of the process and carefully explaining the relevant law and how the courts tend to rule so that you can feel prepared when you are making some of the most crucial decisions of your life.

The Process:

After filing the complaint, we will walk you through each of the “four corners” of a divorce:

  1. Child Support

  2. Equitable Distribution of Property

  3. Child Custody

  4. Maintenance (alimony)

This typically begins with a motion for pendente lite relief. Pendente lite is latin for “pending the litigation” and this type of motion will provide temporary relief during the divorce proceeding, attempting to best preserve the marital standard of living and your assets. Such relief can include: temporary maintenance (alimony), temporary child support, exclusive use and possession of the marital residence, custody of the children, and orders of protection.

Equitable Distribution divides the marital property between the two spouses. Marital property can include your home, pension, pets, and even a portion of property owned before the marriage. What qualifies as marital property and what qualifies as separate property can be quite intricate; however, Thompson Law's experience in this area will provide you with realistic expectations as to what you are entitled.

The process of distributing the assets will begin with the Statement of Net Worth.  The Statement of Net Worth plays a critical role in matrimonial litigation, making it imperative that it is filled out correctly. Thompson Law divorce lawyers in New York City will ensure that it is.

There are two types of Custody: “legal custody” and “physical custody.”  “Legal custody” refers to the power to make decisions regarding a child’s future, whether it is educational, medical, or religious. “Physical custody” refers to which parent has the child physically live with them.  In every case, the parties are entitled to an individualized determination of whether “joint” or “sole” custody would serve the best interests of the child.

Maintenance is the term in New York to refer to what is popularly called, “alimony.”  “Temporary Maintenance” is received during the divorce proceeding and “Post-Divorce Maintenance” is received after the divorce is finalized. While New York is attempting to make awards of maintenance more predictable, the amount and length of maintenance will greatly depend on the individual circumstances of you and your spouse. This uncertainty is even more prevalent in high-income cases. Thompson Law P.C. will represent you to ensure that your reasonable needs are met.

After covering the “four corners” of a divorce, we will draft all of the documents necessary to finalize the divorce, including, the final Judgment.

However, even after the divorce, our divorce attorneys in New York City will be able to assist you in modifying or enforcing the divorce decree or drafting additional documents, such as domestic relations orders.

At the most difficult time in your life, you need a legal team you can rely on to solve your legal problems. At Thompson Law P.C., your problems become our problems. We are tough and caring professionals and we will fight to protect your interests during a family law dispute.

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